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At Black Fox Security Group, we recognized a crucial demand for well-trained security professionals, including security guards, loss prevention officers, and private investigators. While the security industry is saturated with licensed personnel, there is often a lack of adequate training and experience.

In response to this, we established the BFSG Academy, where our seasoned company assets leverage their extensive international law enforcement and military backgrounds, coupled with their expertise in the Canadian security sector, to craft courses. These programs cater to individuals aspiring to kickstart their careers in the security industry and those already employed but eager to excel and broaden their knowledge.

Explore our diverse array of courses designed not only for security professionals but also for those seeking expertise in survival and preparedness. Elevate your skills with our comprehensive training offerings beyond the traditional security sector curriculum.

Join us at BFSG Academy for a transformative learning experience that propels you towards success in the dynamic field of security.

Tamas Zador
Black Fox Security Group Inc

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